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your mailbox is not just for letters!

The processing of items up to the Royal Mail's 'Medium Parcel' format are included in your standard mailbox service,  with a handling charge of just £2.50 to receive,  sign-for if necessary,  store,  process and insure a parcel up to 20Kg,  making expost in Swansea your ideal on-line shopping partner.

For more detailed mail size definitions,  you may like to review this simple mail size and weight guide.

Online shopping parcels received by expost in Wales

forwarding parcels abroad

The Royal Mail weight limit for international parcels is 2Kg,  which increases to 5Kg if it contains only printed matter such as;  books,  magazines,  documents or letters etc.  Any parcels heavier than this must be shipped by private courier,  or be deconsolidated into smaller packages,  see below.


We will always try to find you the cheapest,  most cost effective,  forwarding option.   Significant savings can often be made by re-packaging parcels to reduce unnecessary bulk,  or by breaking down a large parcel into two or more lighter items that meet the limits of a low cost carrier.   Even after applying a manual handling surcharge, the savings can be substantial,  but we will always ask your permission first!

A CN22 customs declaration for parcel forwarding

customs declarations

Any Large Letter or parcel that is to be forwarded outside of the EU  ( or to the Channel Islands ),  must carry a Customs declaration.   Unless the item's contents are obvious,  a magazine in a clear cover for example,  we'll ask you for details of the contents and will complete the declaration form on your behalf,  using the information you provide.   There is no charge for this service.

Post Brexit,  a declaration may become necessary for all EU member states;  we will keep you informed.

oversized or overweight parcels

Parcels over the mailbox maximum weight or size limit will not be rejected.   They will be processed and sent on independently of your normal forwarding and will attract a small surcharge for the necessary manual handling.   If you expect larger parcels to arrive regularly,  you may wish to consider a managed business account,  described in our commercial sevices page.

International courier forwarding of large parcels worldwide